Why safe And healthy school environment is important in rural areas?

safe and healthful school environmeent

Schools can be considered as the workplace for your children as they spend most of their time there. Apart from quality learning and education, the school environment also plays a crucial role in child development in terms of safety and hygiene. Talking about the school environment in rural India, there may be poor indoor air quality, excessive crowding, exposure to harsh chemicals and even dim lighting. When it comes to the outside environment of the school, the playground may be dangerous or may not that well-maintained. Safe and healthful school environment offers many benefits as they protect the health of children, help them to enhance learning while making the school the most pleasant and comfortable place for learning.

Let us understand the most important areas to ensure Safe and healthful school environment at rural schools:

  • Location: Location of school matters a lot when it comes to schools or any other educational institution. It is important that the school should not be so far from the residential area of the town.
  • Ventilation:  Every classroom, libraries, sports room or washrooms of the rural school must be facilitated with proper ventilation to allow the quality and fresh air to pass.
  • Sanitation: This is one of the most important attributes to ensure sanitation and hygiene for children. Whether it is about drinking water or solid waste disposal the school management should take care of them for the safety of their students.
  • Lighting: This is one of the most important concerns when it comes to safety at schools in rural India. According to eye specialists, reading and studying in dim light can weaken the eight sight of children.
  • Mid-day Meals: We all heard about the poor-quality mid-day meals served in schools to children and because of that unhygienic practices, many children fall sick due to jaundice, diarrhea, typhoid, and other diseases.


Considering these points, JC Global Foundation has taken an initiative to contribute to society by following the slogan Giving back to society. With such a great approach, we focus on every subject of society, which is against humanity. We conduct many campaigns, especially in rural areas for the betterment of people and awareness of a safe and healthy environment in the school.

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