Why Giving Scholarships to Rural Girls is Essential?

For over a decade, education of girls has been considered as an effective solution to change the relentless scenario of health and poverty from the country. The education of girls is directly connected to empowering women and promoting gender equality in the country. When it comes to educating rural girls, it’s not just about unwillingness or cultural resistance, but poverty is also one of the greatest barriers for the same. Now, the question is– “how to improve rural education in India?”

It is a common perception among rural people that girls who complete primary education tend to get married later and take care of their family. This thinking limit rural girls to have wings to fly and live their dream in reality. This is when the importance of distributing scholarships for rural girls has come into existence. Scholarships for appreciating one’s efforts and hard work in education comes in a variety of sizes and forms. There are numerous reasons a rural girl can receive a gifted funding or any financial help to attend a school.

Why giving scholarships to rural girls is essential?

Scholarships offer an opportunity for students to get an education without worrying about resources Some people think that scholarships distribution programs are only conducted to assist students in financial need. In fact, winning the scholarship is beneficial for students who need encouragement for their tireless efforts in academics.

Here are the significant points that show why scholarship for girls are essential:


• Recognition : There are thousands of applicants for receiving a particular scholarship, but winning that scholarship can make a girl feel recognized and appreciated for her work. This helps her to know her potential to achieve her dreams.

• Financial Support : Most of the girls dropped out from school just because of rising cost of higher studies. Getting scholarships allows rural girls to continue their study while paying their tuition fees, instead of spending their valuable efforts and time by doing a part-time job.

• Go for Further Studies : Most of the universities prefer those students, who have been recognized for any accomplishment in their academics. Getting scholarships helps rural girls to opt for higher studies and make their parents feel proud.

In short, distributing scholarships to rural girls is the best approach for contributing to women empowerment. there are several NGOs existing in India that runs women’s empowerment programs and distributes scholarships to talented students, but JC Global Foundation is a name that works tirelessly to bring women empowerment in India. With the help of contribution from NGOs like JC Global Foundation, it is easier to hope and expect our Country’s growth faster.

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