Life at an Orphanage 

A parent plays a priceless role in the life of every child, and provide a great sense of stability, security, and emotional well-being.  There is no doubt that the loving and caring bond between a parent and a child is one of the most wonderful relationships in the world. For the children, a parent can be a teacher, nourisher, caregiver, role model and what not. But, do you know that millions of innocent children throughout the world are living the life of orphans? Yes, these children cannot get that unconditional love, care, affection, security and hassle-free lifestyle, as there is no one to take care of their emotions and needs. Living without parents seems like a broken world for them and they have to suffer from hunger to abuse.

What are the challenges faced by children living in an orphanage?

Parents always take care of their child in their growing age for better support and nourishment whereas the Children, who lead a life at an orphanage struggle to stay nourished and healthy just due to the lack of resources.

Living in the orphanage at the early age can be a life-changing experience for many children. An orphanage life can change the social behavior of children and lead them to face trauma. Also, many orphans suffer from anxiety, depression, loneliness, hopelessness and even ADHD.

Children can achieve higher grades in their academics when they get support from their parents. But, when talking about orphans, they have to work harder or do a part-time job in order to achieve the same things.

When the parents leave their child at an orphanage, a child feels insecurity and trauma. Most often, an orphan child does not trust others and takes a lot of time to trust the new parents.

Extreme malnourishment can cause several health issues to the children living at an orphanage. Also, they feel neglected by others when they need care and affection.

All these considerations and s challenges faced by children living in an orphanage are scary and painful. There are few NGOs in India that bring hope and happiness to these children by contributing to their life at orphanage homes. We, JC Global Foundation always look to forward to associate with people who can contribute and make the life of these children better.

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