How Government Schemes Protect The Rights Of Senior Citizens In Our Country?


It is a fact that if we born once, we have to leave this world one day. When a person is aging, he goes through certain circumstances and his mental, physical and economic perceptions change with time. Here comes the importance and benefits of offering certain rights to the senior citizen in India. The Government of India provides financial assistance, concession and many other facilities to senior citizens. When talk about common man’s perspective, people of age around 60 are considered as the one who need proper attention and care as best as possible. There are many private/public sectors of the society that are providing assistance to them or we can say that our country has various enactments and laws that protect the rights of senior citizens.

Here are some great benefits that help senior citizens to live a hassle-free lifestyle:

• Travel Discounts: Permanent residents of India who have attained 60 years of age can get huge travel discounts. Also, some passport centers provide “walk-in” facility to these elderly people and allow them to not to make an appointment for the same.

• Banking: Senior citizens of India can also get a lot of benefits from the banking sector as they can get special saving accounts and get interest rates on their deposits.

• Lower Tax: To help senior citizen age, managing financial burden, Indian Government provides many schemes through which these elderly people can feel free of paying the high amount of taxes.

• Social and Empowerment: In many families, seniors are treated badly by their children and relatives, that hurt them both emotionally and financially. Law gives certain solutions through different schemes that ensure their health, nutrition, financial security, dignity, and peace.

• Other Benefits: Senior citizens who are over 60 years of age can write to the court in order to seek preferential hearing of the cases. They can also get a free medical examination in certain hospitals.

The bottom line is, there are several problems faced by the senior citizen in India such as lack of good medication, proper care, negligence from their relatives that may affect their life and property as well. many organizations like JC Global Foundation in our country plays a pivotal role in the life of senior citizens. JC Global Foundation understands that our elderly people also need love, affection, and care from society. We offer assistance to people living in old age homes as they are neglected by their family. we believe that our attitude and respect towards them should be positively changed so that can see a better tomorrow.

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