How Do Trees Help the Environment?

Nowadays, the world is facing several environmental problems such as ozone depletion, global warming, air pollution and so on. In such scenario, increased plantation is the best and effective solution to create a healthy, safe and sustainable environment for everyone. It is a fact that without trees, we cannot exist on this wonderful earth.

Importance of plantation at different areas

• School: It is beneficial for young students to take part in plantation activities with their teachers, friends, administrators, and parents in their school. The school management can provide great learning over importance and benefits of planting trees while encouraging students to take this responsibility in the future as well.

• Industrial Areas: Smoke comes out of the factories, cars, factories and have a harmful impact on the human health. People who live near to the industrial areas are suffering severe lungs and heart diseases. Planting trees in such areas can help in improving the air quality and controlling many health complications while reducing the temperature in the summer days.

• Residential Areas: Plantation in the residential areas also has many perks as it improves air quality and allows you to live in a clean and green environment. Also, planting trees can increase the value of property and help you reap the profits in future.

There are many reputable NGOs in India. JC Global Foundation is one of the reputed name that promotes safe and green environment by conducting tree plantation activities in the society. JC Global Foundation also educates people about the importance of plantation and ways to maintain ecological balance. You can also contribute in bringing the positive change in the society.

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