How Can Women Fight Against Domestic Violence?


Any kind of act that threatens the life of a person is termed as abuse. Domestic violence is also a part of the abuse in which one partner controls and dominates another partner by instilling fear. It is estimated by the United Nation Population Fund Report that, approx. two-third women are victims of domestic violence by their partners, that means, 70 percent of Indian married women of the age between 15 to 49 are suffering from beating, forced sex or rape.

An idiotic and orthodox mindset of men in the society is the greatest cause of domestic violence in India. It is a common perception among Indian men that women are not physically and mentally stronger than males, and they exploit women to prove it. Apart from this, dissatisfaction with a dowry, refusing to have sex, not cooking properly, arguing with him, not taking proper care of in-laws, infertility, desire for a male child is also the common reasons behind domestic violence in women. While they are also assaulted by family members that even cause death.


Here are 4 ways that help women to fight against domestic violence:


1. Educate: Domestic violence can happen to both educated and uneducated women, but an educated victim has more power as she can walk out of the house and can start her own source of earning rather than depending on others.

2. Speak Out: Domestic violence is the untold story of many women in India, as most women feel embarrassed and hesitated to speak out about it even in front of their closed ones. hence, it is important for victims to not stay silent and bring this issue in the light and seek the attention of people to make this world a better place for all the women.

3. Get Government’s Help: There are many domestic violence act and lawsuits available which are designed to help women who are a victim of domestic violence and want to fight against their right to lead a safe and happy life. The government has also set various helpline numbers that help a victim woman get immediate assistance in her situation.

4. Right Upbringing: It has been seen that the men who see their mother or sister beaten by other men in their home are most likely to beat up their daughters, sisters, wives and other female members of the family. The main reason behind this issue is faulty upbringing, society needs to teach men about respecting their women and spread awareness regarding the same.


It can be considered that domestic violence is evil in the society, we have to take action and fight against it because it is the fundamental right of every woman to not to be a victim of verbal, sexual, emotional, economic and physical abuse that threaten their life. JC Global foundation helps in fighting for women empowerment and their rights. 




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