Do You Think Literacy Is Also Important For Rural Parents?

As you that a large portion of India still lives in villages and that’s the reason the concern of rural education is of utmost importance. Parents involvement in the education can lead to the early child literacy success, good performance in school curriculum as well as future academic achievement. It has been estimated that a major ratio of rural parents cannot even read. Hence, the question arises is that how these rural parents will educate their children and teach moral values of life.


Why literacy is important for rural parents?


• Pre-school Education: Pre-school Education: Pre-school education by parents holds a core value to develop cognitive, social/emotional and fine motor skills in their children. Parents can get involved in their children preK learning activities such as drawing, painting, kicking, throwing, catching, jumping, writing and many more and understand their behavior.


• Open Communication: When you teach your children at home, you promote open communication with them as they can share everything with you about their social life.


• Security: When you children share everything through open communication, you can ensure more security as they will not hide anything from you. This will also make the bond with your children stronger.


• Familiar With Latest News And Updates: When parents are literate, they can easily talk and discuss to their kids about the latest news and updates based on technology, health & nutrition, sports and finance while developing digital literacy skills.


• Save Tuition Fees: Usually, parents prefer to send their children for tuition as they are not able to teach even basics of the subjects. But when parents are literate, they can teach their children at home and save , huge amount of tuition fees.


As you know that the lifelong literacy is constantly growing and transformative. However, if you want your child development and having proper skills, modeling and learning abilities, then you also need to be literate. With such increased importance of literacy in parents, there are many NGOs in India such as JC Global Foundation, which is focused to bring empowerment in the society, especially rural areas in India. We conduct scholarship distribution programs in different regions of rural India, support young minds to achieve their dreams while promoting education in parents so that they can teach their children in better way.


JC Global Foundation takes part in many social activities such as plantation, health camp & medicine distribution, orphanage and old age home assistance, solar street light establishment and much more for the betterment of society.


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