JC Global Foundation is a philanthropic initiative committed to giving back to society and nature as a debt of gratitude. We strive to ensure that every individual reaps the best of their potential for a great future.

Working as an NGO in India, we focus on challenging areas like education, employment, self-employment, empowerment, healthcare, old-age care and more. We support each person to live a safe, healthy and worthy lifestyle, providing education, scholarships, health camps, plantation, solar lights establishment and access to necessities.


JC Global Foundation is owned and run by Director – Mr Jeetendra Choudhary and Mr Navin Choudhary. They understood the sufferings of ordinary people in society and decided to move towards development through heartfelt contribution.

We aim to support to the best of our ability, and that’s the reason why we have various developmental initiatives:

• Health Camp and Medicine Distribution
• Smart Street Light Establishment
• Library Learning Material
• Plantation
• Orphanage and Old Age Home Assistance
• Public Water Cooler
• Scholarship Distribution

HEAL (Helping Everyone Across Lands)

As the name suggests, Helping Everyone Across Land is serving everyone who belongs to this land, especially those who cannot afford a living that some of us can easily cherish. These efforts to help and make a better society is not restricted to one endeavour.

We run various philanthropic efforts in education, healthcare, hygiene and health, skills learning, sustainability of the environment, agricultural and financial literacy. Extending support across lands.


Our vision is to shape the present and future of society by creating a new era of development.


Our mission is to bring the lasting change in the lives of people by providing them safe surroundings, education, health and development.



We are demanding of ourselves, set high goals and are dedicated to improve the quality of life of people.


We value and respect each other and work with partners to leverage our strength in making a difference for people.


We believe in integrity, earning trust of people and always try to work in the best interests of people.

Our Team


Jitendra Choudhary

A self-made enthusiast and entrepreneur, Choudhary always wanted to create a difference by giving back to society. A post-graduate in management, he has more than 20 years of experience in business development, team building and implementation. He is passionate, hardworking, persistent, and patient. No wonder he is a technocrat and a visionary!

His self-created ideology says, “kab tak karoge rozgaar ki guhar, karo swarozgaar aur do rozgaar.” Which translated to, “Instead of looking for jobs, one should start with an entrepreneurial journey and create job opportunities.” Always moving ahead with this vision, he is the founder of JC Ventures.

navin choudhary

Navin Choudhary

A go-getter, visionary, ambitious and committed, this is what defines Navin Choudhary. A young entrepreneur and a concerned citizen, he constantly explores ideas that can bring change in an average citizen’s life. He had been picking up insights, driving business activities even before completing a formal education.
A management graduate from the Oxford Brookes University, UK, he is a promising and energetic talent. He believes in implementing disruptive ideas- to change society, tap the untapped talent in youth, and bring new opportunities in technology.

Choudhary thinks that youth employment is a tragedy. Always quoting Mark Twain, he says,” there is no sadder thing than a young pessimist.” Because it paralyses society.