JC Global Foundation is strongly committed to give back to the society and nature that has contributed a lot to our livelihood. We wish to ensure that every individual get a healthy life and reap their potential for the best future. Working as an NGO in India, we focus on major problem areas such as education, employment, self-employment, empowerment of the citizen’s ecological aspects, healthcare, old age care and many more. We support and encourage everyone to live a safe and healthy lifestyle by the means of education and scholarship programs, health camps, plantation, solar lights establishment and access to basic necessities.

JC Global Foundation is owned and run by Director – Mr. Jeetendra Choudhary – Mr. Navin Choudhary who have identified the common problems in the society and decided to move forward in the direction of developments though contributing to the society.

Our aim is to support people to live a quality life and for the same reason, we contribute in these areas of development:

  • Health Camp and Medicine Distribution
  • Smart Street Light Establishment
  • Library Learning Material
  • Plantation
  • Orphanage and Old Age Home Assistance
  • Public Water Cooler
  • Scholarship Distribution


Our vision is to shape the present and
future of society by creating a new
era of development.


Our mission is to bring the lasting change in the lives of people by providing them safe surroundings, education, health and development.



We value and respect each other and work with partners to leverage our strength in making a difference for people.


We are demanding of ourselves, set high goals and are dedicated to improve the quality of life of people.


We believe in integrity, earning trust of people and always try to work in the best interests of people.