5 Undeniable Reasons Behind the Poor Health Conditions in Rural Areas

Heath plays a significant role in ensuring the quality of life. But, when it comes to the health condition in rural areas of India, many people are struggling to stay away from several diseases. Around 700 million people in India live in rural areas, where the situation of health care centers is deplorable. Taking the scenario into considerations, there is a strong need for healthcare in rural communities to ensure timely and quality medical access in every corner of Indian villages.

Reasons behind the poor health conditions in rural areas:

• Lack of Awareness : Most often, people in rural areas are not much aware of the importance of sanitation and cleanliness at their home and that turns out to be the biggest cause of diseases. They don’t pay attention towards their health and sanitation and that makes their health complaints more detrimental.

• Malnourishment Since Childhood : The females in rural areas doesn’t get enough health care that causes malnourishment to children. This malnourishment, and lack of heath awareness reduce the life of fetus and lead to a large number of maternity deaths.

• Limited Access to Medical Facilities : Talking about health landscape of India, around 92 percent visits to health care facilities are done from 70 percent urban people. Also, private healthcare centers are expensive, thus rural people find it unaffordable to take medical care and treatment from there.

• Low Quality of Care : Medical professionals in rural areas are not knowledgeable enough to make a thorough diagnosis of all the health complaints of people. Also, in rural health care facilities, there is lack of resources and labs, thus people have to compromise with low-quality care.

• Poor Accountability : Poor accountability about the unavailability of the clean toilet and drinking water can also be considered as the main reason behind the poor health conditions of rural people. Hence, it is highly imperative to pay attention towards these issues and make surroundings safe and clean.

There are certain NGOs that contributes to bring positive change in the society through conducting health camps and medicine distribution. Understanding the present scenario of rural areas regarding health care centers, identifying the major issues and building awareness is the only solution to control the rural health problems in India and bringing empowerment in rural communities. Contribute for the betterment of society today.

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