4 Simple Ways to Boost Education System in Rural Areas

Do you think that child labor robs the innocence of childhood? Do you want to make informed decisions while spreading awareness about how to stop child labor? If yes, then you should begin with yourself and avoid keeping “chotus” as a helper or cleaner at your house. According to ILO (International Labor Organization), child labor is a term that deprives children of their children, their dignity, their potential and that affect their physical and mental development. Most of the times, children are forced to work in factories, garages, construction plants by their parents to pay the debts taken by them. These also deprive them of the chance to attend school and live their dream into reality.

Here are some ways to stop child labor in India:

  • Employ Poor Adults: Instead of keeping children as helping hand at your home or workplace, you can employ the poor adults who are in need of money and ready to work to sustain their families. As child labor is illegal, employing poor adults can fulfill your requirements and these people can get employment.


  • Talk To Their Parents: You should talk to the parents of child laborers and let them know the serious consequences of child labor on their children in long run.  You should take counseling of the parents and encourage them to enroll their children in school for a better future.


  • Report to Police: You should report to the police when you see child labor in the society. Apart from this, you can report to the media and organizations which are working to save child rights. This will be the best way to stop child labor and help children to get rescued before it will be late.


  • Donate NGOs Fighting Against Child Labor: Donating to credible NGOs which are fighting against child labor is also a prevention of child labor in India. These NGOs ensure that children get a minimum basic education and not get exploited.


  • Invest Ethically: If you are a shareholder, then make sure that you invest in the companies which are supporting sustainable, humane and don’t include child labor for additional help and support.


  • Reach Government Leaders: You can contact government leaders and ask them to strengthen and laws associated with child labor. Also, take help to increase educational opportunities for children while giving sustainable employment opportunities for adults as the solutions to stop child labor.


There are many NGOs existing in India working directly or indirectly to stop child labor. JC Global Foundation is one such reputable and trusted NGO that promotes education, distributes book and scholarships to rural children who have a great potential to create their future but the lack of money and motivation limit them to achieve their dream. The team of JC Global Foundation has a mission to transform lives of people with education and empowerment.


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