4 Most Common Educational Challenges Faced by Children in Rural Areas

When it comes to the development of the country, quality access to education in rural areas is of utmost importance. Most of the surveys have been shown that the count of schools in rural areas is rising, but major students, who are studying in these schools are unable to give that level of academic performance which is expected from students from private schools. The reason is lack of resources, money, study materials, effective learning and teaching and much more. These hurdles can increase the drop-out-rate at rural schools while limiting children to live their dream in reality. Thus, for the betterment of the society and growth, we need to think about reformation in the education system in rural areas.

Here are some educational challenges faced by children in rural areas:

• Lack of Proper Infrastructure: This is one of the biggest educational challenges of getting an education in rural schools. As most of the schools have classrooms which are over packed with many students, these limit teachers to not to give personal attention to each and every student in the classroom.

• Lack of Resources: This is very common that most of the schools in rural areas are not equipped with proper classrooms, labs, and libraries. In such a scenario, students don’t get an effective education or they don’t get an opportunity to express their practical thoughts and ideas about different subjects.

• Lack of Parental Involvement: Lack of Parental Involvement: One of the major educational challenges faced by rural students is lack of parental involvement. As rural people are not aware of the importance of education in the life of children, they don’t encourage their children for higher education. Although, many students work on the farm to help their parents after getting a primary education.

• Lack of internet access: Due to unlimited internet access or education facilities in rural areas, students don’t receive the quality education as they cannot access some effective online learning materials. Without internet access, students who study in higher classes cannot get introduced with the latest technology and advancements.

To eradicate these educational challenges from rural schools, we have to take some initiatives and add value to our education system. There are some reliable NGOs available in India that are working to strengthen education facilities in rural areas, you can also be the part of them and give your contribution to it.

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